Fly To The Exosphere

The exosphere is the highest layer of Earth's atmosphere. Fly beyond it and you're into outer space, which makes it a pretty great metaphor for college students getting ready to graduate and head out into the real world.

We’re not going to ask you to go on coffee runs or to do other menial tasks; we want you to get your hands dirty on work that’s making a difference for our clients. This isn’t busy work; you’ll be collaborating with members of our team, receiving feedback on your work, and seeing what happens when it’s launched into space.

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What You'll Get From It

Hands On Experience

We're not going to set you up at a desk just to watch everything going on around you: we want you to get your hands dirty and involve yourself in the discussion.

Real Portfolio Work

You'll be contributing to live projects and doing real work that you can use later on to show what you've learned.

Career Insights

You'll get more than just a day-in-the-life perspective of the job. In fact, it'll be 8-weeks-in-the-life, so you can really experience the pace and workflow of a digital agency.


Join Us On Our Next Mission

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